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Habits of American Culture

American culture is a true melting pot that has been shaped by immigrants from different regions of the world. It is a diverse culture with unique traditions and customs.

The United States has semi-distinct cultural regions including the Northeast, the South, the Midwest and the West. These regional differences are also apparent in American cuisine and music styles.

1. Drinking

Alcohol, coffee, and chocolate are ingrained in American culture. The popularity of these drinks can be traced back to the Revolutionary War and the creation of our nation.

While these drinks may be seen as a fun way to spend an evening, they can also have serious consequences. The abuse of alcoholic beverages can lead to homicides, suicides, and accidents.

While these statistics are alarming, they do not represent the whole picture. Drinking never occurs in a social or psychological vacuum and people can be mellow or tipsy, tight or plastered; tripped out or down; or completely smashed.

2. Smoking

Many American Indian communities have a special relationship to traditional or sacred tobacco. It is central to their spirituality and healing and incorporated into ceremonies, prayer and rituals.

It is also a source of personal pleasure for men and women alike. It is consumed through small, hand-prepared pipes with short stems, containing varying amounts of native tobacco and other herbs like kinnickinnick or spices. Snuff is a common alternative to smoking.

Cigarette use became so prevalent in the first half of the twentieth century that it was a standard prop for people of all classes who wished to proclaim their daring and cosmopolitan sharpness. Increasing attention should be given to culturally sensitive interventions to reduce smoking.

3. Shopping

In the past, Americans were accustomed to purchasing their goods locally or by mail order. But the end of the nineteenth century saw a shift in how Americans obtained their consumer goods. Greater choice, easier access, and better quality products at lower prices fueled a rise in American consumerism. In addition, the introduction of credit enabled Americans to purchase more and live a higher standard of life than ever before.

As a result, American culture has had immense international influence. It is considered a “melting pot,” with cultures from all over the world contributing their own unique “flavors.” American culture has had a great impact on Western culture as well.

4. Dining

Many Americans enjoy dining out, especially in larger cities. It’s not uncommon for people to dine at restaurants specializing in Chinese, Japanese or Mexican cuisines. These restaurants can be found even in small American towns. In addition, American restaurants often serve foods that are regarded as uniquely “American,” such as hamburgers, hot dogs, potato chips and macaroni and cheese.

Prior to the emergence of restaurants, the only places where Americans could obtain meals other than at home were taverns. These establishments provided simple food, which was consumed by patrons seated at long tables.

5. Traveling

The United States is often described as a “melting pot”, with various cultures from around the world adding their own unique “flavors” to American culture, according to Golden Beacon USA. These diverse influences can be seen in everything from regional cuisines to traditional events.

Traveling is a big part of American culture, and many people are looking to improve their traveling habits this year. For example, it’s important to learn about local customs and etiquette before you visit a new place.

Also, it’s a good idea to practice some basic language skills so you can communicate with locals if needed. To gain even more cultural experience, consider applying to a work and travel program like Career Training USA!

6. Sports

American culture has some strange traditions that many people outside the United States find odd. For example, Americans love to watch sports, especially college football and basketball games. These events are usually accompanied by cheerleaders and marching bands to raise school spirit.

Sports also serve to unify the nation, as Americans bond behind their athletes. This is particularly the case with the Olympics, where the United States rallies around its winning teams. Sports also play a large role in the media, where they often coincide with community values and political agendas.

7. Working

American culture has a strong focus on individuality and a belief in equal opportunity, regardless of social class or wealth. As a result, working and socializing with Americans can be challenging for cultures that are more inclined towards collaboration and harmony.

Additionally, Americans tend to value work above all else. This can include stereotypes, a lack of balance between work and personal life, and an obsession with earning as much money as possible. As a result, global workplaces have largely rejected many unhealthy American work habits. Click here to read about the top eight unhealthy habits that American workers have.

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